Marcy G. Dyer


Roller Coaster Suspense

Climb in, lower your safety bar, and hang on for a wild ride!

Welcome to Marcy G. Dyer – Roller Coaster Suspense. Books One, Two, and Three of the Desert Winds Series are available now. The fourth, Lies & Alibis, will be released in November 2015

Also, please check out the Books page to see excerpts from my novels.



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  1. Barbara Cobos says:

    Way to go Marcy!! I’m going to buy your books they look entertaining, where do I purchase them?? Keep in touch. Love ya, Barbara C.

  2. Nathan Maki says:

    Hi Marcy, we connected on Twitter and I thought I’d check out your site. It looks terrific! Best of success with your books!

  3. traci morgan says:

    Hi Marcy, I just read a review by Nike Chillemi & now I want to read these books! Any chance of getting the to “read for review?”

  4. Darlene Roche' says:

    I am so proud of you, Marcy! You are an awesome person & a great writer/author!! Love your stories & have them on Kindle & am getting the actual books. Keep up the great work.

  5. JudyDearing says:

    Mary, I am trying to contact you to be on our blog tour, Christian writers, but your contact me is not working. If you think you might be interested please look at http://www.carolheilman.com and http://www.leannasain.com. The questions are:

    What am I working on?

    How does my work differ from others of its genre?

    Why do I write what I do?

    How does my writing process work?

    Next stop on the World Blog Book Tour?

    To answer this question, introduce the 3 authors who you have invited to the blog tour. Link to their blog, tell a little about their book, and tell the reader that they will be posting on the next Monday!

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