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Time After Time Saga – Tami Dee & Lynette Endicott


 Please join me in welcoming Lynette Endicott and Tami Dee to Roller Coaster Suspense. We are celebrating the release of the second book in their wonderful Time After Time Saga.

Thanks so much for having us, Marcy. Tami and I are so excited about the release of our new book, Survival Instinct. It is the second in our Time After Time Saga. Tami took the lead on this one – HINT: we take turns, and you can tell from the first name on the cover which one laid out the story and did most of the writing. The other writer gets to go in and “play” and of course we consult on major plot points that carry through the series, as well as write sections whenever the other author is “stuck”. There is a lot of energy in working as a team.

We met in an on-line critique group, and mostly talk by email. We have met twice in person, and just in passing. A modern-day co-author story I guess. We always enjoyed each other’s stories, and one day Tami, who already had half a dozen books with Desert Breeze, emailed me to ask what ever happened to the two she had critiqued? That her editor was accepting submissions – so I submitted, and that makes Survival Instinct book number four for Lynette and number eight for Tami.

The series follows the lives of women in a family line who carry the Heartmark, a heart-shaped birthmark.  An ancestress had a run-in with a woman who wanted to destroy her love relationship – and who is now condemned to chase these women through time, not linear time, but crazy, mixed up back and forth time to attempt to do this to her granddaughters, great great granddaughters etc.

In Survival Instinct, Winter Parker, the granddaughter of the key characters in Animal Instinct, has just made detective in San Francisco PD when a bunch of crooked cops attempt to force her to kill a nosy reporter – who turns out to be a home time boy from Missouri.

Here is a new excerpt from Survival Instinct. This is early in the book, at Winter’s celebration for making detective, and describes an exchange with Mel, the enemy in this time line:

She pushed her hair behind her ears and glanced down, considering her faded jeans, black tee, short, silver studded black leather jacket, and beat up black combat boots. It was her usual off duty attire. There was no reason they couldn’t be her working clothes too.

The other detectives had their own distinct looks, mostly casual, comfortable, but each look uniquely their own. They already ribbed her about her fresh, small town girl face, with a body to pull off a sexy as sin; bad girl, biker image. However, that was their take on her appearance, not particularly hers.

In all fairness; the good natured teasing she had endured for the past five years may have stemmed from that first day, when she roared into the police academy parking lot on a Harley.

She had picked up the hog the same day she’d arrived in San Francisco.

Some guy down on his luck had been trying to sell it. She’d offered him five hundred dollars cash and he’d snapped it up.

Granted, it had looked like a hunk of junk. She allowed herself a wry smile. It still looked a hunk of junk for that matter, but it ran, and that’s all that mattered to Winter.

She chuckled at the memory, especially her ‘crash course’ in learning to ride the thing. Amazingly, she hadn’t killed herself or broken anything.

A body pressed against her back, pushing her stomach into the bar. “Hey baby.”

He slurred into her ear; his breath, laced with cigarette and alcohol made her nauseous, and she narrowed her eyes, meeting his clearly civilian drunken gaze in the giant mirror behind the bar. “Get lost.”

He grinned at her, and then slipped his arm around her waist. Winter’s elbow connected with his ribs with a satisfying crunch just as Mel, a statuesque redhead, grabbed his arm from Winter’s person and jerked it behind his back until he squeaked in pain. Not a bad move for a 911 operator.

Mel shoved him into the crowd and he stumbled away clutching his side, cradling his arm with his uninjured hand.

Winter smiled at Mel. They usually worked opposite shifts, but said the friendly hello when they crossed paths. Winter stuck out her hand to shake Mel’s. “Thanks, Mel, what a jerk. To think, all these guy cops in here and a woman officer comes to my rescue.”

Mel laughed, her exotic eyes sparkling. “Your party is in full swing, San Francisco’s finest are punch drunk by now and likely wouldn’t have noticed if that guy had slung you over his shoulder and carried you out of here.”

Winter snorted and caught sight of Sam Cunningham across the room. He was her new partner; a well-seasoned detective, who was currently doubled over laughing at something the cute blond at his right had just said. “Guess it’s a good thing I’m not drunk enough to let that happen.”

An odd look shifted through Mel’s eyes, but was quickly gone. She released Winter’s hand and glanced down.

A chill slipped down Winter’s spine as Mel stared hard at her Heartmark. “It’s a birth mark, not a tattoo,” Winter tried to joke.

Mel didn’t respond for a good thirty seconds. Her beautiful, ageless face had gone stone still, and another chill had Winter shoving her hands into her jacket pockets — both to warm them, and hide her Heartmark.

The abrupt movement pulled Mel out of whatever trance she had been in and she smiled a bit absently. “Yes, well,” she murmured, glancing through the crowd to watch the creep leave the bar. “All’s well that ends well. I think I’ll call it a night, I have an early shift tomorrow.”

With that Mel melted into the crowd, and, after a moment, Winter saw her leave the bar and head toward the ocean side of the bar, the same direction the creep had gone.


She sipped her drink, which had been topped off at some point. She was feeling the alcohol now. Her head swirled, and her limbs felt heavy as she shifted her weight to lean more fully on the glossy bar.

Friends, co-workers, and even some strangers spoke to her, their words not making sense, and her own responses nothing more than gibberish.


As animal lovers, Lynette and Tami feature animals prominently in their Time after Time series. They’ve shared a few pictures with us.

Cat Bird

Thank you so much for joining us today and giving us a peek into your series.

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