The Secret Trick to Creativity Is…

The Secret Trick to Creativity Is…

Jump in with both feet and enjoy whatever project you attempt. I’ve messed up many of my creative attempts, but I always have a lot of fun.


We went on a Disney Cruise and one of our stateroom neighbors had made adorable Tie Dye Mickey Mouse shirts. I thought they were so cute, but was afraid to try it…for a couple of months anyway.

I decided to do some web searching for instructions and found a great blog that outlined how to do it. Rachel Miller, author of The Kid’s Activity Blog, does a phenomenal job explaining how to make the shirts.

The ones she posted on her blog turned out better than mine, but I had a blast making them, and I think they turned out cute.


Tie Dye Mickey


I bought the Tulip dyes from the craft store. Then using a pencil, traced the Mickey head with a design I had printed out, on the shirt. Next, I stitched around the tracing using plain (not flavored) dental floss and pulled the design tight and tied it off. I puckered out the mickey head a little then put rubber bands around it so I would have the circle of white.

After I had the Mickey shape secured with rubber bands, I twisted the shirts up into a cinnamon bun shape and secured them with rubber bands.

Next, I dumped them in a soda ash bath. I did one cup of soda ash per gallon of water and I allowed the shirts to soak overnight.

The next day, I squeezed out as much soda ash solution as possible and began dyeing the shirts.

Instead of the loose-fitting plastic gloves that came with the kit, I used tighter medical gloves.

First, I colored the Mickey head then secured plastic wrap around it. Then I did the rest of the shirt. Once I had the shirt completely dyed, I secured the entire thing in plastic wrap and allowed it to sit overnight before rinsing it. Once I had rinsed it, I tossed it in the washer.

Rachel suggested using more dye than you would ever think necessary. She’s right. I used a ton of dye and wish I’d used more.

Her post has detailed instructions for making the shirts. Click here to check it out.

If you decide to try this technique, leave me a comment telling me how it turned out!

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