The Photography Bug


When I was younger and working for a photographer, I learned how to use a completely manual SLR camera. We didn’t have autofocus and had to set our own f-stops, etc.

I loved using my Canon and took quite a few photos. The price of film and processing deterred me to a degree and when digital cameras came out, I started using a point and shoot.

Over the years, I’ve forgotten much of what I learned about photography. I now have a Canon Digital SLR, but I mostly use the automatic settings.

Big Bend


My stepmother is also an avid amateur photographer and recently found a course on photography. It includes lighting, settings, etc. We both ordered this course, and I hope to see a drastic improvement in my pictures as I learn more.



I’ve found some websites that help. One is Best Photography Classes It’s a free site. They also have a Facebook group.

I’m also a member of Flickr. Many of my photos on there are quite sub par, but I occasionally snap one that’s pretty good for a novice. What are some of your favorite online sharing sites for photos?

Please feel free to share any photography tips that you have! I love to learn and welcome any comments or tips.

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Marcy G. Dyer is a retired Registered Nurse and Amazon best-selling author.
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  1. Thanks for sharing the information about the free online photography class. We seem to have more in common than the book 2 and book 1 thing.

  2. mdyer says:

    Wendy, How funny that we have so much in common! I hope the classes help! My photography is definitely lacking, but I do enjoy it!

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