SIG SAUER P226 9mm Handgun Overview

Sig Sauer 9mmQuite frequently in novels and movies, we see Glock 9’s used. While a Glock is a great gun, I prefer to shoot the SIG 9mm.

The gun pictured is the Sig Sauer P226-R 9mm. (The “R” designates a rail on the underside where a tactical light may be mounted.) The pistol carried by Navy Seals is the SIG P226-9-NAVY. The Navy Seals version of the SIG 9 has a phosphate corrosion-resistant finish on internal parts, and a few other upgrades to make them unique for the Navy Seals, including an anchor engraved on the slide.

The ergonomics of this handgun make it easy to handle and since it’s a larger gun, the recoil isn’t terrible. I have arthritis in my hands and some of the smaller handguns have enough recoil to cause sufficient pain that I won’t shoot them often.

A review from says “The true test came the first time I fired the gun for the first time. With the first shot I understood why so many military and law enforcement groups had chosen the 226. The first day shooting my new Sig I shot nearly 200 rounds without any issues. The 226 was very consistent the whole time. Out of the nearly 200 rounds only one round did not hit the silhouette, and that was at 25 yards and the target was swaying. Yes, that means it boiled down to my timing, not the Sig’s performance.

“For anyone looking at the Sig P226 for a future purchase I would not hesitate to recommend it. The ergonomics and the performance sold me.”

As a gun sports enthusiast, I’ve shot the SIG P226 on more than one occasion and agree wholeheartedly. This is one sweet little gun to shoot.

In fact, I liked this gun so much, I used the SIG P226 9mm in my latest novel, DOWN & OUT. To be fair, my hero used a Glock – but only because I didn’t think it seemed realistic for EVERYONE in the book to love the SIG as much as I do.

When writing your next book, think about trying on a SIG SAUER 9mm for size instead of a Glock, and if you have a gun store that will allow you to try it out, shoot a few rounds through it. You’ll be sold.









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Marcy G. Dyer is a retired Registered Nurse and Amazon best-selling author.
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6 Responses to SIG SAUER P226 9mm Handgun Overview

  1. Jack Durish says:

    I’ve always been torn about the 9mm caliber. It’s too powerful to maintain a tight pattern when firing rapidly and not powerful enough when you need “stopping power”. Thus, I vacilate between the 380 or .22 and the .45. On a side note, I carried a Colt 1911 .45 in Vietnam. I believe that the VC had captured it thrown it back as unfit for use. I kept it loaded with tracer ammunition and used it like a laser pointer to select targets for my fire teams. I also carried a .25 in my pocket for use in case of capture. Obviously, I never fired it.

  2. mdyer says:


    First of all, thank you for your service. I have the utmost respect and admiration for those who give up so much so that we may remain free. Also, I’m very glad you never had to use your .25.

    While I’m not much of a hunter, I love to go to the shooting range, and the skeet range. I’ve fired a variety of pistols and shotguns. I also love the 1911 .45. It’s good dependable gun and a blast to shoot. I’ll probably do a post on those in the future.

    Thanks so much for your comments!

    • simontall says:

      Why do you need a gun? Why are you recommending a gun? No offence I am merely asking through curiousity as it seems very odd to me (as an Englishman). I understand the need for accuracy and authenticity in fiction but you don’t need a real gun for research. Surely as a writer, nurse and Christian a gun is kind of superfluous?

      • mdyer says:


        I realize as an Englishman you may not have had exposure to guns the way I have. I grew up shooting at targets, and I learned at an early age that a gun should never be pointed at a person.

        Shooting a gun is a sport – just like archery. We are responsible gun owners – guns are locked up at all times except when at the gun range.

        While I’m not hunter, have never been hunting, I do like to shoot paper and clay targets. There are many, many responsible gun owners who participate in gun sports, just as I have friends who are avid archery enthusiasts.

  3. Paul Cochran says:

    I had the chance to use the SIG P228 for quite some time, but the P226 is surely one of the best 9×19 Parabellum caliber handuns ever made. I don’t own one, but a friend of mine does, so I’m very familiar with it. When we go shooting we often exchange the guns. I’ve got a Browning Hi-Power that I’m quite proud of. A 9mm caliber gun as well.

    I think the P226 isn’t being produced anymore, right?

  4. mdyer says:


    The last time I was in academy (a couple of weeks ago) I saw several P226s, and they still have info on it on their website, so I assume they still make it. It’s the model the Navy Seals carry and quite a few LEOs.

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