Review of Skin Care can be Murder by Cynthia Hickey

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Skin Care can be Murder —  a three roller coaster read.

In Skin Care can be Murder, Stormi Nelson once again finds herself in the midst of a murder mystery. She vows to stay out of it, but with her nosiness, she delves right back into searching for the killer with little regard for her own life.

When her sister decides to start selling cosmetics, Stormi accompanies her to her first party and a murder.

One of the girls has a deadly reaction, and Stormi decides to root out the killer even though it puts her and her family and friends at risk.

I enjoyed this story, but it did have some issues.

In the last book, Stormi traded her Mercedes on a Prius, but the Mercedes is mysteriously back in this book with no answer as to what happened to the Prius.

She also needed to do a little more research before publishing Skin Care can be Murder. This book dealt with prostitutes and the author kept calling their pimps, “Johns”. In one line, one of the characters said if she even thought about leaving, her John would punch her. I did a quick search to make sure I knew the correct terminology, but a “John” is a customer. Not the one who manages the prostitute.

There were also many typos, misused words, and missing words. A good proofreader or editor should’ve picked up on these. However, I do realize how easy it is to miss some of these things because the mind inserts what should be there instead of seeing what is actually typed.

If you enjoy cozy mysteries, Skincare can be Murder is a fun read. It’s a clean Christian book but isn’t preachy so even those who don’t enjoy most Christian fiction would probably like this one.

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