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Anything for a Mystery by Cynthia Hickey – A four roller coaster read.

Stormi Nelson, a bestselling romance author, heads up the neighborhood watch program in her community after her agent tells her she needs to mingle more in order to keep her characters fresh.

While patrolling the neighborhood, she stumbles over a dead body thrusting her in the midst of a real-life mystery. To complicate matters, her hunky neighbor Detective Steele is assigned to the case.

Not long after the detective leaves her house, a U-Haul pulls up with her mother, sister, niece, and nephew. They’ve decided to move into her beautiful Victorian home with her.
The story is a fun read. Stormi is a likable, yet insanely nosy character. Her nosiness gets her into trouble at every turn.

The story is a clean read, yet the characters aren’t sanitized to the point of being almost perfect. In fact, Stormi is far from perfect. She won’t leave well-enough alone and keeps meddling in an ongoing police investigation.

I knocked off one roller coaster for lack of research. She talks about marching into the FBI headquarters to find out if her neighbors are in witness protection. The FBI is not in charge of WITSEC. Witness protection is under the purview of the US Marshall’s Office.

Also, when Stormi questions the detective about whether the neighbors are in Witness Protection or not, she gets her answer by his stiffening. In reality, local law enforcement doesn’t know whether someone is in the program or not. The US Marshall’s Office keeps that information confidential. If local LEOs knew when a family was in the program, it would put the family at risk.

There were also some typos and a couple of grammar issues, but in spite of these problems, the story was an enjoyable read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes cozy mysteries.

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