A Look At Ukraine

A Look at Ukraine

We love this beautiful country, and before the current tensions between Ukraine and Russia, we visited twice. The first time was with International Cooperating Ministries, and the second trip was with Doxa Kids Street Children’s Ministry.

Street Children

This photo was taken in Kherson, Ukraine. It includes members of the Doxa Kids team, Ukrainian nationals who work with the street children, and street children.











Our time in Ukraine was very special. We made lasting friendships with those who give their lives to help these forgotten children.

Please be in prayer for our friends the children in Kherson. Recently, military equipment has been moving into this city. Our friends are asking for prayer for peace in Ukraine. I would like to add, please pray for protection of the vulnerable street children.

In a future post, I will give more information on these kiddos and the difficulties they face.

Ukraine Cattle Drive

While in Kherson, we saw many unique things…like a small cattle drive down a city street. This gave us all a good laugh. Being from west Texas, most of us of us on the trip are accustomed to seeing cattle, but they are usually behind a fence as we drive down the highway. None of us had ever seen a city street cattle drive. Once the cattle were out of the street, we continued on.




Kvas Truck

We spent much of our time walking around the city. Kvas stands were located in many places and our hosts insisted we sample this odd beverage. It had a yeasty taste, much like uncooked bread. While we didn’t care much for it, our hosts explained that it is believed to be very healthy in Ukraine.



We stayed in a place our hosts called a sanitorium. It had small rooms with a sitting area and it overlooked the Dniper River.


Girls at Elevator

The elevators in the building were very narrow. This is a photo of two of the teens who went with us.






View From our Window

This photo was another view from the room.










Ukraine 2007 010

hese are some of the apartment buildings in Kherson. Many of these are communal buildings left over from the days of the USSR. Families will have a room to themselves, but will share a bathroom and a kitchen with other residents.

Ukraine 2007 086

Some of the street children hanging out in the industrial area of the Dniper River.


Dniper River

The Dniper River – Beach Area






















































On our way from Kherson to Kiev, we stopped at this Armenian restaurant. It looked like a storybook town.








In Kiev we had the opportunity to see some brides and grooms.


Kiev has many beautiful churches. They are very ornate inside and out. They asked that no photos be taken inside the church buildings.

Ukraine 07 326

We had lunch at colorful Ukrainian restaurant in Kiev.







































Ukraine is a beautiful country filled with incredible architecture, history, and culture.

We love the country, and have made lifelong friends there. God has burdened our hearts for the forgotten children in this country and that is why we work with Doxa Kids.

Our love for the country and people led me to set my next novel in this incredible country. Blood & Lies, the third book in the Desert Winds Series, will be released from Desert Breeze Publishing later this year. Much of the story is set in Ukraine.


Out for Blood




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