Les Baer Thunder Ranch 1911

The Les Baer Thunder Ranch 1911

Les Baer 1911


The Les Baer 1911 Thunder Ranch custom pistol, is sweet gun to shoot. It handles any .45 ammo without jamming, and the action is tight which leads to accuracy. In fact, the gun is more accurate than many shooters – my husband’s accuracy is about 50% better with this weapon than with a less expensive 1911.

Named after the Thunder Ranch training facility in Oregon, the Les Baer 1911 Thunder Ranch was developed by Les Baer with Clint Smith, Thunder Ranch director’s vision. Thunder Ranch is a premier firearm training center known for their outstanding training and unique simulations. It’s built for accuracy and reliability.

While it’s a great pistol, it does have a tight action and a stiff price. For many women shooters, it might prove difficult to rack and chamber a round, so it may not be the best choice for a female heroine. Also, due to the steep price (close to $2000), a character who isn’t an regular shooter probably wouldn’t choose this weapon.

However, if you have a character who is an avid shooter and likes a high-quality weapon, this might be a great choice. It’s super accurate, and the recoil isn’t too bad.

For more information on Les Baer pistols, check out their website – Les Baer.

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