Interview With Justin Leo Breck from Nerve

Interview and giveaway with Justin Leo Breck, the hero from NERVE by Bethany McManus! Join us for a chance to win an e-copy of NERVE and learn more about the hero in this great book!


Thank you for joining me today for my Interview With Jeremy Leo Breck from NERVE and a chance to win a copy of this great book!

Justin, thank you for joining us! Can you tell us a little about yourself? Do you have any nicknames?

Hello. My name is Justin Leo Breck. I don’t have any nicknames. Whew! Nicknames can be rough, especially for cops.

I can imagine how a nickname would be hinderance to a cop. Where did you grow up?

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Coral Springs, near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My mom, Cindel Breck, still lives in the same house. I visit often because I like the shower there better than the one at the gym.

Coral Springs is a beautiful area. Where do you live now?

I have an interesting home. It’s white and barely more than six square feet…it’s a Chevy Express van. But I don’t see myself living there forever. I’m a flexible guy.

Wow. I didn’t expect that answer. You’re full of surprises. So are you a social butterfly or an introvert?

“Social butterfly” sounds like one of those bubbly girls who scream when they see each other. I like to talk, I guess. I’m definitely not an introverted homebody, as evidenced by my living arrangements.

Bubbly girls! That gave me a laugh. I guess “social butterfly” doesn’t quite fit you. What is your favorite memory from childhood?

When my dad, Jeremy, took me to the police station where he worked, and showed me the evidence room.

I can see that being a favorite memory. Especially for a cop. What’s your worst memory from childhood? Being bullied for my red hair.

Children are cruel at times. Do you like to dress up or dress casual?

Dress up…what’s that? ha. No, I have to dress up for slain officers’ funerals. That seems enough. At church, the most dressed up I get is slacks and a button-down.

Slain officers. That’s a solemn thought and an aspect of police work we don’t like to dwell on, but in reality it’s a tragic part of life. Do you have any insecurities?

As mentioned, my red hair. But I don’t dye it, because it would be obvious

I’m glad you don’t dye it! I love red hair. Are you a neat freak or you messy?

Neat freak. I have to be…I live out of a van.

I can imagine how meticulous you’d need to be in such a small space. What is your most prized possession and why do you value it so much?

The black silk bow tie Dad gave Mom on prom night to remember him by. It hangs from my rearview mirror.

How sweet. What one word describes you the best?


Justin, thank you for joining us on Roller Coaster Suspense! I can’t wait to read NERVE!

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BIO Bethany lives in Houston with her husband, daughter, and son. After practicing as an RN for five years, Bethany left the nursing field to pursue a writing passion the Lord planted in her heart when she was a child. Nancy Drew mysteries were her guilty pleasure during those early years, so she naturally gravitates her pen toward the things that go bump in the night, and most of her plots have a psychological spin. She’s allergic to cheese, Sulfa drugs, and people who stop in the middle of intersections while driving. BLURB for NERVE It was created to save lives. Now someone is using it to take them. When Lauren “Wren” Masterson discovers her deceased father’s medical invention has been stolen from her childhood home in Florida, she never expects the officer assigned to the case will be Justin Breck, who asked her out two years ago. He’s changed since then, seems like he’s hiding something. What happened to his openness, his no-holds-barred, carefree attitude? She wonders how this new Justin could possibly accept her imperfections, namely the persistent nerve disorder her father’s missing invention might cure. Justin is learning the darker side of Doctor Masterson’s past life. The hard part? Proving it to Doc’s adoring daughter, while attempting to win her heart. He might have some history with her, but Doc’s lawyer, Connor Radcliffe, has more. As bodies begin to drop around them, will Justin and Lauren find the invention before the thief uses it to kill Lauren?


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