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Desiree L. Scott


Please join me in welcoming Desiree L. Scott to Roller Coaster Suspense.

When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer?

I was about fourteen when I sneaked beneath my mother’s bed and picked up a romance book. After that, I was hooked. I loved to read! When I turned sixteen, I started to think about writing stories. However, everything changed when I turned eighteen. The passion and conviction of becoming a writer was strong and more powerful than anything I had ever known! A little story from me: When I was eighteen years old, I had written ten VERY well-known authors, a few being Julie Garwood and Nora Roberts, just to name a few. Now keep in mind, I wrote a very long letter, asking for advice on writing and so forth, the passion of writing growing stronger. My letter was more gushing than anything else but still, ONE author wrote me back! By hand no less. Her name was Andrea Kane, a suspense writer who crafts the most amazing stories and plots. But because of that one small act of kindness, she not only has my respect as an author but as a wonderful person who took the time to let me know about a few organizations and to wish me luck in my goals and ambitions through life. It meant the world to an eighteen-year-old girl and still does, as I have gotten older. I hope that I make one small impact in the world at large and to readers, even if it’s small.

It’s awesome that Andrea Kane took the time to answer your questions. We never know how we will impact others. Who is your favorite writer, and why?

Andrea Kane, for not only her books but for the reasons I quoted above.

I think she would be one of my favorites too after that kind of encouragement. What inspired you to begin writing?

The urge to write and create fictional words, to have control of what happens and to bring other people joy in my books. That is my true passion. It’s not just the writing itself but when someone messages me and tells me they LOVED my book(s), I’m on cloud nine! And so darn happy! Seriously can’t stop smiling!

I know what you mean. The interaction from the readers is priceless. Do you belong to a critique group?

I belong to quite a few, for the simple reason that I am always learning, always wanting to know how I can improve and be the best that I can be.

Critique groups are invaluable. I belong to several also. What is the most important thing a new writer can do to help further his/her writing.

Write!! EVERY. SINGLE. DAY! I know new writers probably hear that a lot. I know I do! But it is no less true than it was yesterday or will be tomorrow. Write and read. Never stop and you WILL improve and get better!

Great advice! We can’t improve if we don’t start somewhere. Writing, as with many other crafts, we must continually practice in order to hone our skills. What are your current writing goals?

To publish the three novels that I do have done (romance suspense and two paranormal romances), as well as finish the second and third of a series (with the first being done) and continue to work on the hundreds of novels I have started!

Those are lofty goals. Congratulations on having three completed. What is your favorite genre to write?

Suspense and paranormal romance!!

I love suspense. Who do you credit with supporting you the most in your writing journey?

My friends. They have just been amazing and have pushed me so far, continuously! They never let me give up or fail! They believe in me and, therefore, I believe in myself.

Having those encourages is so important on the writing journey. Are you a plotter or a pantser, or somewhere in between?

I’m somewhere in between. I plot up to a point and then struggle to get to that finish line.

I always love to hear how others process their novels. Where do you find inspiration for your settings?

From daily life, from the news, but mainly from my dreams!

Inspiration is all around us, isn’t it? Do you ever have writer’s block?

All the time! Thank God for friends who I can bounce ideas off of or I NEVER would have finished even one novel!!

Sometimes we just need someone else to brainstorm with. Can you tell us a bit about your current novel?

My current novel that I am writing is the second book in the crescent series. It’s a wolf shifter romance. The brief summary is the following: The moment Aiden Burns spies Samantha Kameron, he knows she’s his, and he isn’t shy about voicing his intentions.

Someone may have been listening a little too closely.

Soon after returning to Travis’s pack, his sister’s rescue successful, Aiden receives a call. A pack member’s body has been discovered in the woods.

Regretfully, he leaves to return to his own pack to investigate, vowing to return and claim Samantha. He hopes she will take the time of separation to come to turns with being his mate.

He underestimates her.

And the killings don’t stop.

Three years ago, Samantha’s mate was found shot in the woods, killed. No clues as to who or why. A part of her died with his death and she vows never to let herself fall for another man, at the risk of being hurt and broken.

Is the past and present connected?

Amidst murder and the chaos between two packs, can two lost souls find each other? Or will forces outside of their control snap what sanity a shattered woman has managed to obtain and destroy the Alpha determined to claim her?

That sounds interesting. Who designed your cover art?

I did. I really love playing around and creating different covers!

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