Grace Awards Launch – Naomi Musch


Grace Awards Book Launch!

Naomi Musch Paint Me Althena Cover

Grace Awards Launch – Naomi Musch

About Paint Me Althena

When still life artist Ethan Day discovers a fantasy painting by Althena Bell in a consignment shop, he’s sure he’s found Ava, his wife who abandoned him and their two little girls three years ago. Finding and rescuing her are one thing, but forgiveness and second chances are impeded by outsiders, and conflict between Ava’s search for identity and Ethan’s new faith might break the safety net he offers.



She needed to get away, but there was no place to go. She leaned forward, longing to hug her friend but, conscious of her wet clothes, she pulled back. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come here.”

She turned for the door. Anguish flooded her even as the rain let up outside. Light brightened the window to a gentle gray.

“Thena!” Ann pleaded, but Ava hurried to the door. She flung it open and rushed outside — and smack into a man’s chest.

“Oh!” She stepped back. “I’m sorry.” Gushing her apology, she moved to pass around him, but he didn’t budge.


She hadn’t heard her name spoken aloud in three years, and now it sounded like her subconscious come to life. She looked up and swooned. Ethan grasped her shoulders as the bag dropped from them. She blinked. “Please… please… I have to go.”

“Can I give you a ride?”

She nodded, her glance grazing up the street and down again. “Yes. Please.”

She reached for her bag but he swooped down and picked it up. The rain had gone from shower to sprinkle, but he allowed her to hurry them down the walk.

“This way.” He pointed at a small sedan. “It’s not locked.” He tossed her bag into the back seat as she climbed into the passenger side.

“Wait. My bike.”

He glanced back at the shop and nodded. “There’s room. I’ll get it.”

She gnawed her lip. Any moment now, Dan would come around the corner. Maybe on his cycle, maybe in his truck. The car jerked as Ethan opened the trunk and lifted the bike inside. He couldn’t close it tight, but pushed it down as far as it would go. He opened the door and ducked in beside her, tucking his long legs into the car. She inwardly urged him to hurry. A moment later he turned the key and the motor purred to life. “Which way?” he asked as he pulled from the curb.

She shook her head. There was no answer.

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Grace Awards Launch Schedule

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