David Jemal Interview

Today on Roller Coaster Suspense, please join me in welcoming David Jemal. David is unique in that he’s only seventeen years old and is already a published author!

White Strike Book CoverDavid Jemal

David Jemal Interview

Thank you so much for joining us today!

As a seventeen-year-old, what challenges have you encountered in writing?

Nobody really believes you CAN write a book!

Writers of all ages tend to encounter those naysayers. I’m sure at your young age, it’s even worse. Thankfully you didn’t let that stop you!

Tell us a little bit about your novel. What inspired you to write this particular book?

Walking into a library and seeing people look through books. And one day, that might just be me.

Wouldn’t that be an awesome feeling? I’m glad you pursued this dream! Most

writers have many authors who inspire them. Who is your favorite?

I have quite a few! My favorite author has to be Anthony Horowitz. I got hoocked on to reading from his Alex Rider series.

It always makes me happy when an author captures the attention of young adults. How long did it take you to write WHITE STRIKE?

It took me three months from the first word to the last.

What are your aspirations as a writer?

To be able to be in the New York Times Bestselling author club.

David, I think you’re in good company on that one. All of us would love to be in that club someday! What type of novel are you working on now?

A psychopath killer novel.

That sounds interesting. Can you tell us when you first realized that you wanted to be a writer?

Ever since I started reading.

I hear that same answer from authors quite frequently. Tell us a little bit about WHITE STRIKE.

Here’s the back cover blurb:

Sending fifty elite soldiers to take over Afghanistan seemed liked the perfect

plan…until they decided to rebel against America, and seize Afghanistan for themselves. It’s up to Theodore Alfred to come up with a counterattack before the rebels inflict damage and destruction.
Both sides will scramble to find allies in a conflict that will leave the world shaking in fear.

Thank you so much for joining us David. WHITE STRIKE sounds very interesting. Where can readers find your novel?

It’s available on Amazon: http://ow.ly/khfpy It’s only .99 cents. That’s a steal!

Do you have a website where readers can find you?

Yes, they may find me at: http://davidjemal.wordpress.com/



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