Christian Authors to Watch: Marion Kelley Bullock

The first post in my series on Christian authors to watch introduces Marion Kelley Bullock, Marion Kelley Bullockauthor of six novels. Marion’s books suspend reality and drop the reader into magical settings with non-stop action.

Some of her novels are contemporary and other are historical, but they all have an element of suspense and intrigue.

Her books can be found on Amazon and at Desert Breeze Publishing. When you’re looking for a great read, check out her novels.

Secrets of Old Santa Fe: When Elise Wells arrives in Santa Fe for her mother’s funeral, she finds herself falling for Ramon Castillo. But what secrets does his family harbor — that they’ll go to any lengths to hide?

The Claymore Legacy: Jenny Claymore travels back home when the father she lost years ago dies. The second night, after the funeral and the reading of the will, someone tries to smother her with a pillow. Then she fears her greedy stepmother is trying to poison her. Other accidents occur. Finally, when the villain is preparing to hit her in the head with a rock and throw her down in the storm cellar, the hero saves her.

The Christmas Bride: Sue-Ellen Grayson travels by stagecoach to Fort Clark, Texas, to console Major Ethan Hartley, because her sister, Cassandra, jilted him. Her trip is fraught with danger, and she arrives penniless, without even a ticket to return home. She gets a job waitressing at the Brackettville Café. 

 At first, Ethan can’t stand the sight of Sue-Ellen. In looks, she reminds him of his lost love. Gradually, though, he begins to see her for the fine woman she is and to care about her. But will he realize that Sue Ellen is the one he loves, the one who has the makings of a career officer’s wife?
He Wants Me Dead: Joanna Sharpe begins her teaching career believing she can move mountains by herself. But some of her emotionally and mentally challenged students stymie her. So does Rob Thomas, father of one of her students. How should she handle his interest? And what about James, a student who insists his brother is trying to kill him? Is he really in danger? Also, who is trying to kill her or at least frighten her to death? As she tries to equip her students to succeed in the world, she realizes she must appreciate their baby steps, instead of expecting instant transformation. And in the climax, when all their lives are at stake, a lot of heroes emerge.
Christmas Chaos: Grace Gary, young widow, struggles to rear her three children and keep her job. Due to her dirty-dealing boss, she’s given 90 days to pay off her mortgage or lose her house.

Grace’s son, Paul, raises pigs for a school project, hoping to win enough money to help his mom. But his pigs are “pig-napped.”
Through many twists and turns, and help from new friends the day is saved.


Christmas Stranger: One snowy, blustery night, Melinda’s quiet existence changes when Zeke, a drifter, and his young son, arrive. She feeds them and lets them sleep in her barn, and after a time begins to hope they’ll stay. Her heart turns cold when Zeke announces they must move on. Will she ever know contentment again?

My next author to watch will be Nike Chillemi. You’ll enjoy her suspense novels!

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