Christian Authors To Watch – Heidi Glick

Christian Authors To Watch – Heidi Glick

In my Christian Author’s To Watch segments, today I have the pleasure of introducing one of my critique partners – Heidi Glick. Her debut novel, Dog Tags, will soon be released by Pelican Books.

Dog Tags Cover ARtHeidi Glick

Heidi is one of the authors on the Sleuths and Suspects Blog and writes Scintillating Suspense. Like most authors, Heidi has been writing since she was a child. Check out her website. She has some interesting tidbits about herself and her novels.

Dog Tags could be termed a psychological thriller. It has twists and turns you won’t expect.


Dog Tags Blurb:

“A twisted knight, a wheelchair, and troubling secrets…

Beth Martindale, a middle-grade schoolteacher has loved ex-Marine Corporal Mark Graham since childhood. Trouble is Mark never seemed to notice her until, all grown up, Beth runs into Mark miles away from their hometown. But their attraction isn’t the only thing sparked.

A psychopath will do anything to keep Beth and wheelchair bound Mark from each other. Mark longs to protect Beth, but he’s dealing with his own demons. He has a secret, and he doesn’t want anyone to know—especially Beth. Keeping Beth in the dark could place her in danger, and he’s not sure he’s willing to take that risk.”

When Dog Tags comes out, I’ll invite Heidi back to Roller Coaster Suspense for an interview. I hope you’ll join us!

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  1. Heidi Glick says:

    Marcy, thanks for spotlighting me! 🙂

  2. mdyer says:

    You’re welcome! I can’t wait until your novel is released. I know how good it is!

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