Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park

After living in west Texas all of my life, I recently visited Big Bend for the first time. The park is enormous, beautiful, and rugged. And deadly.

However, most of those who die in the park come unprepared for the desert. While Big Bend has an abundance of wildlife and plant life, it is a desert. In the summer temperatures soar and water isn’t easily found.

Big Bend

My husband and I visited Big Bend National Park in February. The temperature reached into the mid-eighties. The next day, the highs were in forties, and as we left our hotel, we saw snow flurries. These drastic changes and incredibly hot temperatures in late spring through early fall catch many visitors unaware.

Big Bend

The plants were just starting to bloom when we were there. I snapped a shot of these Bluebonnets growing on the side of the road.


As we left the park, I got a couple of shots of deer. I had to snap quickly or I would’ve missed them.

DeerYou have to look closely to see him, but I snapped it from the side of the road as he took off.

While we were in the park, I bought Death in Big Bend by Laurence Parent. It has seventeen case studies of people who’ve perished or been rescued in Big Bend.

While reading this true book, the idea for a novel came to mind. I’m currently plotting a series of books set in this great park. I hope it intrigues you as much a Big Bend intrigues me.


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