The AR Rifles

AR Rifle

The AR Rifles

The AR rifles are a hotly debated topic now. While there is a common misconception that “AR” stands for “Assault Rifle” when in reality it stands for “ArmaLite”. ArmaLite originally manufactured the AR rifle but in 1959 sold their rights to Colt.

I’ve heard a myriad of reasons why people believe these weapons should be banned, including that an AR is not for self-defense. Recently in a Facebook conversation about guns, someone made the comment assault weapons have no uses except for killing people. As a gun-sports enthusiast, her comment flabbergasted me. Many people are misinformed about guns in general, but this comment was one I’d not heard before.

Since I grew up shooting, I guess my viewpoint has always been a little different. My dad took me to the range before I started school. He taught me gun safety and how to shoot. I knew from a very young age that a gun could prove deadly in the wrong, or careless hands, however, I’ve never thought of a gun as strictly a method for taking a life.

For me, guns are something used for sport and self-protection. We have a version of the AR-10 (the DPMS AP4 LR-308). My husband uses it for wild pig hunting, and we use it as a range gun. It’s a great shooting rifle and doesn’t have horrible recoil. When not at the range or on a ranch, we lock the gun in the safe. Our rifle has many uses, but none of them are evil or nefarious.

While it’s true, the AR is a deadly weapon, I can name quite a few other deadly weapons–some of them are guns, but many are not.

I have a good friend who was brutally murdered by a stalker. He stabbed her to death then stabbed himself to death. She ran to the neighbor’s apartment and tried to get help, but her neighbor was too afraid to open the door, so she called the police. By the time the police arrived, my friend was dead. A one-hundred and twenty pound, unarmed woman was no match for a two hundred pound man wielding a knife. What if the neighbor had been armed? Could she have saved my friend?

Mr. Colion Noir has several YouTube videos out. I’ve attached a couple of his videos on the AR rifle. You can find all of his YouTube videos here.


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  1. Jack Durish says:

    Unfortunately, the debate over guns is greatly confused by the general ignorance of those shouting the loudest. Anyone who takes the time to study the facts cannot but agree that we are misspending too much energy in the wrong direction. Personally, I was hesitant about widening concealed carry until I saw the facts. Crime is greatly diminished in those jurisdictions where responsible, law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry concealed weapons. It’s surprising, but factually true. Don’t be misled by people publicizing their versions of “scientific data”. Go to the source, the FBI database. It’s available on the Internet. And, in discussing the experiences in other nations, you’ll find that their data is also available on the Internet, such as the Home Office in Britain.

    And, yes, people are generally ignorant when discussing guns. It’s obvious that many anti-gun advocates are of the opinion that guns are demon-possessed. Sad…

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